49 Inch Android OS /Windows OS Digital Signage Advertising Player Digital Poster Portable LCD Display

Short Description:

Poster digital signage is mainly used in hotels, buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, clothing stores, convenience stores and other fields. 

Product Detail

Functions of advertising player:
1. You can play videos, pictures. Compared with the traditional poster, only one poster can be painted each time according to the size of the frame, which is a one-time use. Every time you want to change the content, you need to paint a poster again, which is very troublesome and time-consuming; Electronic digital signage can play a lot of posters at one time, but also can play video, so that business advertising more vivid! Automatic switch, without manual management.
2. The ultra-thin fuselage can be moved and placed everywhere.
3. Can be made into stand-alone version, network version, touch screen version, according to the needs of customers.

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